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Why Africa wasn’t watching the Africa Cup of Nations

On Sunday night we decided to go to the pub to watch the final of the Africa Cup of Nations. There are dozens of bars in Nairobi with big screens which show football. How hard could it be to find one showing Africa’s biggest football match? As it turned out, pretty much impossible. Ghana versus [...]

A few good links

The BBC’s Piers Edwards takes CAF to task for the stupidest decision by a sports association since… No, I can’t think of anything dumber: the decision by the Confederation of African Football (Caf) to expel Togo from the next two Africa Cup of Nations – following their Angola 2010 withdrawal after their team bus was machine-gunned (with two [...]

“Haitians and Togolese, we think of you”

The way the African Football Confederation (CAF) dealt with the attack on the Togolese squad was nothing short of shameful. CAF officials were quick to lay the blame on Togo for driving rather than flying, did little to support the team following the attack, and once Togo had left released a technocratic and heartless statement [...]

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Africa Cup of Nations: What we’ve learnt so far

The favourites could be knocked out in the first round Ivory Coast are in trouble. Togo’s disqualification/withdrawal (see below) has left Group B with just three teams. Ivory Coast, the tournament favourites, drew their opening match with Burkina Faso meaning they need to beat Ghana tomorrow to guarantee a place in the quarter-finals. Anything less [...]