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Observations from Soccer City

Last night was my first World Cup experience as a fan. An Ivory Coast scarf wrapped round my neck, I watched Les Elephants lose 3-1 to Brazil at Soccer City. Some thoughts… South Africans may have bought tickets in large numbers, but are they football fans? Many of those I sat with behind the goal [...]

Tanzania hammered on the pitch. And off it.

Brazil thumped Tanzania 5-1 on Monday night. The result was expected. A team ranked 108th in the world is always going to struggle against Brazil. But the friendly in Dar es Salaam could do enormous damage to the game in Tanzania. As I wrote a couple of weeks ago the Tanzanian Football Federation (TFF) paid [...]

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A waste of money

Imagine you run a football association. Your country has qualified for the African Nations once, and that was way back in 1980. You have a smart, ambitious coach who has built a good team which has a decent chance of doing well in the next round of African Nations qualifiers but the local league remains [...]

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Great moments in African football, #3

No African team has ever won the World Cup but in 1996 Nigeria became the first to win a major international competition, beating Argentina in the final of the Atlanta Olympics. The semi-final against Brazil was probably the better match though. With 12 minutes to go Brazil were 3-1 up and should have been out [...]

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