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So much for this being an African World Cup…

So much for this being an African World Cup. Few Africans from outside the host country have been able to make the trip south, while the South Africans who make their trade from football – the informal hawkers and trinket sellers – have been banned from within half a mile of the stadiums. The official World [...]

Africa’s World Cup: debate in New York

For those of you in New York on 4th May, this debate at the New School about the World Cup will be well worth attending. Panelists include the Binya Wainaina, Teju Cole and Sean Jacobs. Africa has historically been shunned by world football—viewed mainly as a cheap source of talent for Europe’s football leagues. Expectations [...]

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What the World Cup could mean for Africa

The World Cup will not just showcase South Africa, it also has the potential to reshape many people’s view of the continent as a whole. Most news stories that come out of Africa are negative: wars and humanitarian crises, despots and rebel leaders. From Darfur to Zimbabwe and Somalia to Guinea, when Africa makes the [...]

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A continent, not a country

“Yes, there are problems in Africa. But there are problems everywhere,” said the Burkinabe Minister for Sport a few days ago. “If a bomb goes off in Marseille,” he continued, “France is still okay. If a bomb goes off in Nigeria, it is Africa and it is a big problem.” From the blog of The [...]

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Hello and welcome to Africa United. In the run up to Africa’s first World Cup this website will try to put African football in a bit of context. It will cover goals and games, but it will also look at the politics and the culture that surrounds football on the continent. African football has never [...]

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“There’s a drop of greatness in every man”

No one does African football ads like Guinness. I love this one, although I’d prefer it if Supersport didn’t play it during every single ad break.

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Liberia’s amputee footballers

Before they play, they pray. A dozen men, all missing a limb, lean on crutches and bow their heads. Shouts from a nearby football match and the sound of cars passing on the road beside us fill the air. The coach mutters an “amen” and the men lift their heads and begin warming-up. They move [...]