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“We need nets”

It took me a while to understand this advert. Becks strikes a free kick which hits a man on the head. And this is a metaphor for malaria? Then I realised the net had suddenly disappeared. Ah, so if we don’t have goal nets then unsuspecting people will get hit by footballs. Which is, of [...]

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“Do you know who we are?”

I really don’t know where to start with this. Bad acting, a terrible song and a generous helping of Africa cliches. Still, kudos to Pepsi for managing to make an advert about the World Cup despite not being able to actually mention the World Cup (their rivals Coca Cola are one of the tournament’s main [...]

“Come for the football, stay for the women”

So you’ve forked out close to £1000 to fly to South Africa, plus several hundred pounds on top of that for match tickets to see your beloved national team, not to mention the eye-wateringly high amount you shelled out for accommodation… and then you give your tickets to a bus driver and go on a [...]

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“There’s a drop of greatness in every man”

No one does African football ads like Guinness. I love this one, although I’d prefer it if Supersport didn’t play it during every single ad break.

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